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Woodworking machinery features
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Woodworking machinery features

Woodworking engraving Machine Performance characteristics:

1.High-speed machining:

the curve and straight speed is the same, the idle speed can reach 30m/minute, the cutting speed can reach 10m/minute.

2.The weight loading and redundancy are high, the working life is long:there axes adopt the imported line square guide rail with the high precision, Axis Y adopts the double engine driving, the rigidity of machine is strong, the potency dimension is powerful, the turn is balanced.

3.Compatibility of software:

it may be compatible with all kinds of software, such as JINGDIAO,Yype3,Artcam,CAD,and CAM design software ect.

4.The convenience of control:

it can choose the advanced DSP control system of USB connection, the machine is completely offline working, not occupying any 

computer resources, and it can achieve the DSP on-off automatism, achieve high-speed machining, the curve more perfect.