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Important for operation
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Important for operation of CNC Router

1. Do not adjust and maintain the machine during the operation of the machine.

2. Woodworking engraving machine in the work process of the spindle speed under normal circumstances is very high, operators do not wear gloves when operating, if you accidentally hit the spindle tool will be easy to bring the gloves together to hurt hands.

3. Woodworking engraving Machine Although in the operation is a fully automated equipment, but in the loading and unloading materials or manual work, so when in the feed must pay attention to hand and edge contact and cause damage.

4. Woodworking engraving machine spindle speed is high, plus the processed wood is not very uniform, cutting process noise, vibration, labor force strength, very easy fatigue; These objective reasons are also very easy to cause mechanical accidents.

5. The most important thing is that the customer is not familiar with the related performance of woodworking engraving machine and safe operation technology, or in order to save trouble in accordance with the safe operating procedures for processing operations, resulting in accidents.

6. Do not own maintenance control cabinet of electrical appliances, many electrical appliances have high pressure, must find engraving machine manufacturers to repair.